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Available Positions

Telephone Screeners

Job Description:

Our telephone screeners are the first point of contact between our clients and the food bank. Our screeners are empathetic, and have great communication skills.

Volunteer screeners assess, over the phone, whether or not a potential client qualifies for the services of the food bank. They are required to go through an application with the client and ask income and expense information to determine eligibility.

Required Availability:

Volunteer screeners are asked to be available for 2 hours in an afternoon or evening and usually work a total of 4 hours a month.


Event Coordinators

Job Description:

Our Event coordinators assist with fund raising and food drive events, among other roles.

We occasionally need volunteers for extra help when we have big food drives or special programs we may offer.

Required Availability:

There are no set hours for our Event Coordinators. Perfect for the volunteer looking for occasional work. We will post when we have specific events that we require volunteers for.


Warehouse Volunteers

Our warehouse volunteers unload and sort our donations from the community and what we receive from the Calgary Food Bank.

Volunteers also pack our hampers Friday mornings. We can pack up to 25 hampers weekly.

Required Availability:

Unload & Sort: Wednesday’s 9:00am-11:00am

Hamper Pack: Friday mornings  (Time?)

*We do require that our volunteers be able to lift 40lbs.




Our drivers assist with food pickups from grocery stores and food drives in the area. We provide the Food Bank van to them to pick-up at our local grocery stores and any food drives done in the area.

Required Availability:

Our drivers take a week shift every 4-5weeks. We also pick-up once a week at the Calgary Food Bank and occasionally at the Airdrie Food Bank. Most days our drivers only work in the morning.

*Must have a clean Drivers abstract.  


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Please call 403-325-4335 or email: info@wheatlandfoodbank.com